Killian’s Birth Story Part 2

I will be picking up right where I left off on Killian’s Birth Story Part 1. If you missed that, you can check it out hereūüôā This post is a lot more birth-y than the last one and it contains some pretty birth-y photos (Super amazing birth photos taken by Sabel Moments Photography).


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In birth preperation, I hadn’t even considered what position I would give birth in, because I was so set on a water birth. Earlier in the day, Jenee had asked me what position I wanted to give birth in, and I because I had no idea, she showed me several good positions that would help bring the baby down. Because of how quickly labor progressed, and how much was going on after she showed me the different positions, I hadn’t had the chance to choose my birth position. When Jenee saw that I was about to give birth, she told me to flip over and get on my hands and knees. I was so grateful for that. If she hadn’t told me what position to get into, I have no idea what I would have done. And It really was such a comfortable position to give birth in.


One of the things that was very important to me about my birth was the active, pushing phase of my labor. I wanted to be able to control the length and frequency of pushing and I didn’t want anyone to tell me to push unless it was necessary for the health of the baby. Per my preference, the lights were still off in the room and the blinds were closed. The sun was shining, but it was still fairly dim.


HypnoBirthing, Childbirth, BirthHypnoBirthing, Childbirth, Birth HypnoBirthing, Childbirth, Birth HypnoBirthing, Childbirth, Birth HypnoBirthing, Childbirth, Birth

In most (but certainly not all) of the hypnobirthing videos that we had seen, the women in labor were quite for the most part. I knew that I wouldn’t be silet during my labor, but also that I wouldn’t scream. I remember hearing someone say something about how Ina May Gaskin said that using low, deep labor noises was like using your ‘Inner Monkey’ and for some reason that stuck with me.


Bliss stood next to me, Jenee was in position to watch the baby, and Jon stood with her (we wanted him to catch the baby). Quite a few nurses and the hospital midwife, Lisa, were in the room at this point but I was completely oblivious to them. Jon was doing light touch massage on my back throughout this whole time as he continually encouraged me. Bliss was awesome about reminding me to keep my jaw and face relaxed. Lisa also came over and said some kind, encouraging things to me, but I really can’t remember what she said.
The whole active pushing phase of labor lasted about 45 minutes. Between each contraction I would rest my head on the pillow or on my forearms and I would sway my hips. During contractions I would get back up all fours in a table top like position. During the contractions sometimes I would push a little bit and sometimes I would just let my contractions move the baby down. I would only push until the point of mild burning, and if I began to feel a burning sensation, I would relax. I wanted my perineum be stretched gently to avoid tearing. The pressing and then relaxing of the baby’s head allowed for the gentle stretching. After the contractions, when I would relax from gentle pushing, I felt I was losing most of the distance that the baby had gained by my pusing. I asked Jenee, and she reminded me that it was supposed to happen that way. It just felt so weird for the baby’s head to almost come back inside of me after gaining some distance.


I used a low relaxed moan to help me while I pushed. I didn’t used any high pitched or tense moaning because I wanted my cervix to stay relaxed so that I wasn’t fighting my body. For the most part I was still tuning everything and everyone out and focusing completely on my labor. Once between contractions, when my head was down and my butt up was in the air, I remember thinking that I needed to apologize to Sam (my amazing photographer, who had arrived earlier during one of my bathroom trips) for the view of my butt.


Just a few minutes before Killian was born, something that I thought was quite funny happened. Bliss asked me how I was doing and I said something along the lines of ‘Great, but this is kind of a pain in the ass.’ And for some reason I though it was hilarious! Right after I said it I started laughing saying, ‘Get it? A pain in the ass, hahaha!!’ Bliss laughed with me, but Jon was too focused to notice my hilarious pun. I repeated myself for him, but he didn’t fully appreciate until after the baby was born.


HypnoBirthing, Childbirth, BirthHypnoBirthing, Childbirth, Birth HypnoBirthing, Childbirth, Birth HypnoBirthing, Childbirth, BirthHypnoBirthing, Childbirth, Birth


The contractions and the burning sensation were very intense as Killian’s head was born. I pushed a lot and the stretching was quite uncomfortable. As soon as his head emerged Jenee asked me if I wanted to feel him. I declined, which surprised me at the time because I really thought that I would want to reach down and feel the baby’s head. I was just so focused on labor that I was afraid that I would lose my balance and fall over if I reached down to feel his head. His head was out for several contractions before the rest of his body was born. Probably a good 5-10 minutes. Jenee kept telling me that if I would lift one of my feet to rest on the table where my knee had been, the baby would be born with the next contraction. But I was so comfortable in my position and I didn’t think that I possessed the strength (much less, the balance) to move my leg that much, so I declined. All of the sudden, Jon gently grabbed my leg and put it in that position for me. It was so relieving. The baby’s body was born almost immediately after that. Jon later told me that Jenee had told him that with my next contraction, I may not like it, but he needed to place my leg in position so that the baby would come because his head and part of the umbilical chord had been out for a while.
After his head was out, and before the rest of his body was out, his left hand emmerged! I didn’t know it at the time, but I just felt this very quick, painful sensation. Later I found out it was because Jenee had to grab his little hand and pull his arm out before his body could be born (she was very quick and great about it) and my labia had a small tear because of his little arm. Jon caught Killian as he was born and Jenee told him to hand Killian to me up through my legs.
Holding Killian for the first time was such a wonderful, amazing blur. Seeing and feeling my precious boy and his warm, tiny body was incredible. The sensation of finally getting to hold our sweet boy was the greatest, most fufilling reward for birth. Stroking his soft skin and holding his body against mine was the most breathtaking, relieving, joyous, and heartwarming experience that I have ever had.


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A little bit after I gave birth, when I went to go pee, I just remember sitting on the toilet thinking, Wow, I could totally do that again! I kind of can’t wait! I felt like such a rockstar and I was in awe of what I had accomplished and what a great job my husband had done as well. He was beyond amazing. I remember thinking that labor really wasn’t bad at all! I honestly felt bad for Jon, because I felt like he had almost done more than I had. Birth was such an amazing partnership where we labored equally together. I labored physically while he emotionally and physically cared for me and catered to all of my needs. He couldn’t labor for me, but he did everything in his power to ease my discomfort and make my birth amazing. I could not have asked for a better partner. He was encouraging to me with his kind words the entire time. He kept telling me how much he loved me and how wonderful I was doing. He knew exactly how to care for me.


HypnoBirthing, Childbirth, Birth

HypnoBirthing, Childbirth, Birth HypnoBirthing, Childbirth, Birth HypnoBirthing, Childbirth, Birth HypnoBirthing, Childbirth, Birth HypnoBirthing, Childbirth, BirthHypnoBirthing, Childbirth, BirthHypnoBirthing, Childbirth, BirthHypnoBirthing, Childbirth, Birth

HypnoBirthing, Childbirth, Birth


The thing I loved most about Bliss as a doula is that labor was still about Jon and I. She labored alongside us helping both Jon and I in so many ways. Because she was there doing hip squeezes, holding warm rice packs to my back, and placing cool cloths on my neck, Jon and I could focus on each other with the added pain relief of all of her help. She helped make my labor a calm and relaxing experience.


Jenee was our complete advocate. Everytime I thought of something I wanted to include in my birth plan, I was informed that Jenee was in the hall making it clear that the nurses knew my plan. I was so happy that even though we weren’t able to have a home birth as planned, Jenee still delivered our baby. We developed such a sweet relationship with Jenee throughout my pregnancy and we trusted her completely. She was so amazing. A total godsend!


Although my birth wasn’t what I had anticipated, I was an unbelievable, wonderful, empowering experience. I felt so good after birth, and I just kept thinking, I can’t wait to do that again! When I think about what made my birth so great, a few things in particular really stood out to me. First is of course, Jon and my wonderful birth team. Jon was the greatest help and support system I could have possibly had, and the birth team was so fantistic. Nothing is better than the support of loving people who you trust. Second, was HypnoBirthing. I mean wow. All of the relaxations that we practiced before birth, really paid off. I know that I would not have been prepared for birth at all if I hadn’t taken HypnoBirthing classes. Third was all of the reasearch and birth stories that I read. Knowing what was going on in my body, and recognizing the signals of labor set my mind at ease. For example, when I got hot during labor and took off most of my clothes and I kept thinking that I couldn’t continue for another 8 hours, I thought to myself ‘I am going through transition. This is transition.’ And When I felt like I had to poop, I knew it meant the baby was about to arrive.


I won’t say that labor was completely painless, but I also won’t say that it was unbearably painful. I really enjoyed labor once I was able to wrap my mind around that fact that Killian was coming nearly 5 weeks early. I thought of every sensation that I experienced in descriptive terms and It helped me with what was happening in my body. I didn’t just experience contractions, I experienced tightening, pressures, and stretching.


HypnoBirthing, Childbirth, Birth HypnoBirthing, Childbirth, Birth HypnoBirthing, Childbirth, Birth HypnoBirthing, Childbirth, BirthHypnoBirthing, Childbirth, Birth


More to come on the week that we spent in the hospital, but for now, this is it. If you ever want to talk more about birth-y things, shoot me an email or facebook message!




Killian’s Birth Story Part 1

I am finally getting Killian’s Birth story posted, yay! I am posting this in two parts because I haven’t quite finished typing up the end of his birth, and also because I wanted Jon to type up his perspective for me to post as well. This is obviously a birth story, and I talk about fairly descriptive birth things. Be warned;)
Where to begin? For starters, birth turned out quite differently from what I had imagined.
When Jon and I married my view of childbirth was drastically different from what it is today. When we married I thought of childbirth as this horrible, painful ordeal that had to be dealt with. I wanted to birth my baby in a hospital with a big ole’ epidural and I wanted to experience as little pain as humanly possible. Well, I don’t know why I even started the process, but long before I became pregnant I started researching birth. I read blogs, books, websites, and I watch documentary s on birth. I couldn’t seem to get enough information on this fascinating process my body would eventually go through. Slowly my view of birth changed. I began to see a lot of negative side effects to modern day birth interventions and pain relief. I realized that these side effects aren’t always worth the relief they provided (of COURSE this isn’t to say that every intervention is bad. Every woman is different. Every Birth is different). I began to see that birth didn’t have to be a horrible, painful ordeal. I saw that birth could be beautiful and empowering… and believe it or not, birth DIDN’T have to hurt!


Fast forward to my pregnancy. During my pregnancy I did my best to prepare myself well. I was planning for birth with no pain medication at home with a midwife. Jon and I carefully selected a WONDERFUL midwife after interviewing several people. We absolutely fell in love with Jenee the moment we met her, and we knew that God had specifically placed her in our lives for a reason. (Check her out here)¬†For our homebirth, we were goint to rent a water birth tub for me to labor and deliver the baby in. Jon and I took a HypnoBirthing childbirth class with the wonderful Melissa.(Check Mel out¬†here)¬†The class was so amazing, and it really helped prepare us for birth. I can’t recommend it highly enough! A lot of reading and research accompanied every decision we made.


In order to have a home birth, you have to be at least 37 weeks pregnant. That being said, before the baby was born, I had a gut ‘mommy feeling’ that my baby would come early. I assumed that he would be a few days early, not a few weeks. I didn’t mention this to anyone but Jon, because I didn’t want to sound silly if I ended up giving birth on time, or even after my due date.


On January 13, 2015, when I was 35 weeks 4 days pregnant, my labor began. I woke up around 2:45am because I thought I was about to pee my pants. I tried to hold it in as I jumped up and run to the toilet. As I sat on the toilet I felt a gush and I was terrified because I was sure that my water had broken. I looked at the fluid just to be sure it wasn’t pee. Sure enough it was clear tinged with blood. I immediately started crying and I called for Jon. He ran to my side (I’m still sitting on the toilet at this point, haha) and together we called my midwife, Jenee. Well, funny thing happened here! It turns out I have 2 different Jenees in my phone! In my frantic state I dialed Jenee in my phone and she answered the second time that I called. From all my midwife’s paperwork, I knew that when she goes to bed she is always ready for a birth. When she answers the phone, she wakes up and becomes fully alert. In her paperwork she also mentioned to describe the fluid color and smell if you think your water has broken. So when I called Jenee and she answered, she sounded very groggy and exhausted. At this point I was sobbing while I described what had happened with my water breaking and I described the color of the fluid. She just said ‘i think you need to go to the hospital.’ I was freaking out thinking ‘Oh My Gosh! She is my health provider and that’s all the advice she has?!’ She repeated herself and then said she would be praying for me. When I hung up the phone I cried even more. Something didn’t feel right though, so I looked at my phone again. Turns out I had called the wrong Jenee! I had called my good friend Stephanie’s friend from another state, NOT my midwife! I felt terrible for waking her up in the middle of the night… (now I think its hilarious.)


When I realized this, I sent her a text message apologizing and I immediately called my Midwife Jenee. When I spoke with her she tried to comfort me, and she explained that because I was so early, we needed to go to the hospital. I was 10 days too early to have a home birth. She told Jon and I to pack bags for the hospital with clothes, entertainment (in case we were there a long time), outfits for the baby, and a carseat. At this point I started crying even more because at the time we still didn’t have a car seat. Our baby shower was scheduled for 5 days after the baby was born, and we were waiting until after the shower to make final purchases, so we had very few baby things. Jenee talked to Jon on the phone to give him all of the information as well. I really appreciated this because I didn’t think my crying would allow me to relay much information. When we finished our conversations with Jenee, I just put my arms around Jon and sobbed (still sitting on the toilet).


We packed everything we could think of including a sweet outfit for our baby to wear, oils, books, movies and maybe 2 outfits each for Jon and I. Jon was so sweet running around packing everything he could think of that I would need. I basically just slowly packed things for him that he might need. He was so busy taking care of my needs, I knew he wasn’t thinking of what he needed. Thanks to me he had a pillow, razor, toothbrush, and shower supplies:)
About 40 minutes later, Jon and I left the house and headed for Jenee’s house so that she could check the baby’s heartbeat. On the way we stopped at Walgreens and Jon ran in and got me some Depend’s because I was still leaking amniotic fluid. Thank you Jenee for this suggestion! Depends were a huge help with my broken water and they were awesome postpartum. On the way to Jenee’s house, I called both my mom and Jon’s mom to give them a heads up. I also texted our birth photographer (the photos are AMAZING and coming in the next post. This post only has cell phone pictures. Here¬†is her website)¬†to let her know what was going on.


At Jenee’s, she checked the baby’s heartbeat and position to make sure everything was all good. Due to how low the baby was and his position, she wasnt positive he was head dow, so that was something we were going to have to have checked at the hospital. I wasnt worried about it though. (Later at the hospital, they double checked this via ultrasound and he was in fact head down, yay!). After that, we discussed hospital options. She recommended going to Harris in Cleburne because they are a VERY mother baby friendly hospital, as opposed to going to one of the closer Fort Worth Hospitals. She presented us with the options and gave her opinion of why Cleburne would be a good fit, and she had us choose from there where we would go. We were immediately on board with Cleburne because we have heard wonderful stories from several couples who birthed at Cleburne, and we have heard quite a few horror stories from people we know who birthed in Fort Worth. We knew that Cleburne would be more willing to work with me and my body to allow labor to progress as naturally as possible, wheras many other hospitals have a tendancy to want to give you medication or a C-Section if your labor does not proceed quickly enough for their convenience.I knew that Cleburne had a water birth tub, oil diffusers, birth balls, etc. If we were going to birth at a hospital, Cleburne is where we wanted to be. We told Jenee that we did want to go to Cleburne. Jenee had already called Cleburne for us to let them know we were coming. On the way to the hospital, Jon, Jenee and I stopped at Wataburger for breakfast. I had a chicken biscuit with chocolate milk and bacon. I knew that I would want to eat, because we didn’t know how long labor would be, and I like my food. I felt a little awkward at Wataburger because by this point, I was wearing the a tshirt and leggings, but I had changed into the Depends underwear so I had major ‘diaper butt’ haha!
After breakfast, we stopped at our house to pick up some hypnobirthing scripts and cds because we had forgotten them (we didn’t end up using the cds.) We also stopped at his parents house on the way to drop off a house key in case we needed them to bring anything to the hospital later. We then made the 1 hour trip to the hospital. It was still dark when we arrived. I’m not really sure what time it was, but it was shortly before the sun began to rise.
We had to go in the Emergency Room hospital entrance because it was the only entrance open so early. When we went in, Jenee told the front desk girl that we were expected with the hospital Midwives upstairs. We didn’t have to wait long before being able to head to my room.


hypnobirthing, childbirth, pregnancy, birth


hypnobirthing, childbirth, pregnancy, birth


Jenee and I headed to my room while Jon ran to the car to get the rest of our stuff. Before Jon got to our room, the hospital Midwife on duty was leaving for the day and she basically made me feel awful about the fact that we don’t have maternity insurance. Then she left . Around this time, Jon got to the room with the rest of the bags from the car and Jenee left the room so that we could have some time to ourselves. When we were alone, I just sobbed, worrying about money as Jon held me. Because I didnt have maternity insurance, we paid for our planned homebirth out of pocket. Before the hospital we had nearly finished paying off the homebirth and it was such a great feeling. Well, now here we were at a hospital. Jon and I prayed, and had to really put our trust in the Lord for continued provision.
It was a while before the hospital staff came in. Jenee had informed them that this new birth plan that birthing at a hospital was a huge adjustment for me, so they were giving me a bit of time to get settled in. I really appreciated the privacy. It was so helpful to have some time to adjust in our room.


During this time, I was alternating between being fine and dealing with our situation, and crying and mourning the loss of my plan for a home water birth. My face was red and puffy from crying.


The hospital was amazing. Because I was 35 weeks 4 days, the midwifes and the doctor said that they wanted to keep me pregnant for as many days as they could. They said up to a week would be best, to give the baby more time. As they explained this, I knew that I wouldn’t be pregnant for more than a day or so, max. But I didn’t tell them, for risk of sounding silly (I have got to learn to trust those mommy instincts!). They told me that even though I was a patient, they wanted my birth to be as much like what I wanted as possible. That meant so much to me. I was allowed to wear my own clothes, shower if i wanted, eat and drink, and walk around during labor. They gave me a hep lock (which was miserable because I hate needles) and administered antibiotic to prevent infection. They gave me a shot in the hip that causes baby’s lungs to produce surfactant so that he could breathe on his own when he came. They also gave me a pill to slow labor. They said they would give me one pill every six hours, but I only got the one.


After all of the medication, they did an ultrasound and they saw that baby was in fact head down. Then they hooked me up to fetal monitoring and saw that I was having contractions every 3 minutes. I was so surprised! I felt a pressure and cramping sensation extremely low in my abdomen, but I didn’t realize that they were contractions. I was expecting to feel contractions over my entire uterus, and from what I had read I was expecting a different sensation from what i experienced. I was expecting more of a ‘wrapping’ and ‘pulling’ with each surge. I never experienced a whole belly contraction. The contractions stayed low through my whole labor. The doctor and the hospital midwife soon came in and said that due to the fact that I was contracting we were going to proceed with labor and not try to prevent it. In my mind, I was thinking, good, that’s what I’m talking about! I had reconciled myself to the hospital birth so I was going to enjoy my birth and I knew he was coming soon! ( although I thought it would be the wee hours of the next morning). Jenee and the hospital staff suggested that we not check to see how dilated I was. (Jenee had also mentioned this to me at her home that morning) They didn’t want to add an additional risk factor for infection. I was perfectly fine with this. I knew that finding out how dilated I was wouldn’t necessarily tell me how much longer labor would be. I didn’t want to discouraged if i wasn’t very dilated, and I just plain didn’t want to get checked. By this time my guess is that it was around 11AM or 12PM, but I’m¬†really not sure. I tried not to look at the clock throughout my entire labor because i didn’t want to get discouraged if i didn’t progress as quickly as i thought i should be progressing.


The doctor and hospital midwife were so sweet and helpful. Jenee had told them how badly I wanted a water birth, and they tried really hard for me to be able to get water birth. In the end, the hospital’s policy said that I wasn’t far enough along to get the water birth, but it meant so much to me that they really tried to make it happen for me.


Throughout this whole time I just keep thinking, I need to rest and I need a nap. I was already exhausted, and I had heard many stories of women who went into labor and wished they had rested more in early labor because they had long, exhausting labors.


After it was decided that I would be having a baby soon, I started really feeling a lot of pressure during contractions. Jenee suggested that we walk around the maternity floor of the hospital to help move labor along. I agreed, because I knew it would help get thing moving, but I kept thinking ‘ I just want to lay down and rest!’ As I slowly waddled with Jenee and Jon to do my laps around the floor, I would put my arms around Jon’s neck and relax into him during the contractions. This wasn’t very relaxing for me. I think because we are so close to each other in height, it was less relaxing because i had to bend my knees a whole lot to fully relax into him. Even then I couldn’t relax completely. On our rounds, the hospital midwife on duty, Lisa, passed us in the hall. She did a strong hip squeeze during several of my contractions while I had my arms round Jon’s neck. It was still an awkward position for me to labor in because i had to bend my knees so much to be able to have my arms around Jon’s neck and still relax my body during a contraction. Also the hip squeezes hurt. I told Lisa thank you. When she went on her way Jenee asked if I wanted her to continue squeezes and my answer was a resounding no. After 2 laps we went back to our room. I had some juice and I was going to snack on the lunch tray that had been brought up. I had requested mac and cheese when the hospital food person had called about my meal earlier in the day. The mac and cheese was incredible! It could have been the fact that I was exhausted and hungry, but the mac and cheese was some of the best I have ever had. I was trying to shovel the mac and cheese into my mouth before my next contraction came because it was so good! I soon regretted this because it was so heavy in my stomach. I just remember praying ‘Oh God, please don’t let me throw up!’ The sick feeling in my stomach soon passed, and I had the urge for more mac and cheese, but I resisted.
At some point I sat on the birth ball to see if this would help. I knew that upright laboring would speed things along, but It was awful! It just intensified the contractions. Sitting on the ball created LOT more pressure and it was very uncomfortable. During one contraction on the birth ball I had my arms around Jons neck and I just thought ‘I would like someone behind me doing hip squeezes while I have a contraction.’ At that point Jon called his mom, who was our doula, to have her head to the hospital.


hypnobirthing, childbirth, pregnancy, birth hypnobirthing, childbirth, pregnancy, birthhypnobirthing, childbirth, pregnancy, birth


We brought the oils that I wanted to use during labor, but we had forgotten the diffuser. Thankfully the hospital had a diffuser for patients to use. Jenee tracked down the diffuser. The hospital had some lavender oil, but Jenee and Jon decided that the brand the hospital used smelled awful, so we diffused our own Young Living lavender oil ( let me know if you have any questions abut it!)


hypnobirthing, childbirth, pregnancy, birth


We never got the chance to officially type out our birth plan. I wanted the hospital staff to know my birth preferences, so I told Jon we should write something out for them. We were so focused on labor, this didn’t really work. Jenee started coordinating with Melissa (hypnobirthing teacher) and Melissa was emailing birth plan forms and more relaxation scripts. It was so wonderful! Jon was able to check our preferences on the forms so that we could let the staff know what we wanted and relaxation scripts she sent were so great ! Melissa was so kind and caring and she took the time to help us out, so that our birth could go even more smoothly! (We really love Melissa!) Jenee emailed the forms to the hospital receptionist and had her print them for me. Jon filled out the birth plan forms to give to the hospital staff while I focused on labor. After he gave our plan to the staff, as the afternoon went on, I would think of more things that I wanted them to know. Every time I told Jon (and later Bliss) what to say to the staff, he told me that Jenee had already informed them of my wishes. Jenee was so wonderful! I loved that even though we had to transfer to a hospital, my midwife was still my provider! She was my advocate, my midwife, and a bridge between Jon and I and the hospital staff. We couldn’t have had the amazing birth that we had without her.


hypnobirthing, childbirth, pregnancy, birth



Exhaustion was really catching up with me. I had gotten maybe 3 hours sleep the previous night. I was completely tired and worn from the stressors of everything that had happened and I was still hungry. From the time I woke up that morning, until this point the thought constantly in my mind was that I needed rest. I kept thinking that my labor would go into the night and I didn’t want to be awake for 36 plus hours.


So finally after all of the craziness of the morning, the monitoring, the IV and shot, my laps around the floor, and my snacks and juice, I was in the room and able to relax.
I wanted to lay on the bed and nap between contractions, but the traditional laying on my back would be counterproductive to moving baby down. Jenee was wonderful, and set me up in this position, part way on my stomach with one leg up. Its hard to describe but It was an awkward position. I was not a fan of this position because it intensified the contractions, but I was just happy I got to lay down. While I was getting set up on the bed, Jon was getting some hypnobirthing music up on my laptop and gathering the hypnobirthing scripts. He found this really awesome peaceful music track that was 6 hours long on youtube so we had that playing in the background. Jon had practiced reading the relaxations to me long before the birth and he is amazing it. He has the art of a soothing ‘labor voice’ down perfectly. While I was laying down he rubbed my head and did light touch massage on my arms. He placed a cool cloth on my neck while he encourage me and also went through the relaxation scripts. From this point onward I relaxed completely and totally. I fell asleep immediately between contractions. I was so relaxed that I barely remember anything Jon said. I just know that he kept encouraging me. He was the most amazing labor companion.


hypnobirthing, childbirth, pregnancy, birth


At some point, I don’t know when, Bliss showed up and had a warm rice pack for my back. During each contraction she would do a hip squeeze while Jon and I continued to labor together. It was so nice, because I got some relief while Jon and I worked together. When one of the nurses came in to monitor me I got to lay on my side and I was so relieved. When she left I refused to lay back in the half stomach position again. So Jenee brought in a ‘peanut’ for me to put my leg up on to get my pelvis in the proper position for bringing baby down. I labored in this position for a while. When I really had to use the restroom, I held off for quite a while because I was afraid Jenee would make me get in the awful position when I got back:) I told them all that I had to go to the restroom but I wanted to come back to my same position. I made sure my wish was acknowledged before I got up. Every time I had to go to the restroom Jon was amazing. He stood by me as I put my arms around his waist. I would do several contractions on the toilet to help bring baby down. The pressure was so intense on the toilet I didn’t usually stay on the toilet more than 10 or 15 minutes each restroom trip. At one point, my guess is it was around 2pm, Jenee sent Jon to get lunch for himself outside of the hospital because the cafeteria was closed. She told Jon that she suspected I was dilated to a 2 and this would be a long labor. She told him he needed to get out of the hospital for a break and take his time so that he could have the energy to support me. I didn’t know this, because she was careful to whisper so that I didn’t hear and become discouraged. (I knew that the labor wouldn’t last that long, but i didn’t say anything to risk sounding like an idiot. )
When Jon left Bliss continued hip squeezes behind me while Jenee took Jon’s place in front of me. Bliss was so great at timing the hip squeezes during the contractions. The counter pressure was such a relief, and I was so grateful for that! Time was a blur for me this whole time. Jon was laboring with me while I laid down for about an hour before he left. When he left, he was gone for about another hour.


When Jon was gone, I continued to sleep between contractions. I didn’t fully wake up for my contractions, I was so relaxed. I just remember feeling kind of hazy, and I kept asking where Jon was. When he got back I was thrilled! He was my rock and my partner. When Jon was back, I had him walk me to the bathroom a few times and I would hold his waist while I sat on the toilet again. One of those times felt like I had to poop. From reading a million birth stories, I knew that it was most likely the baby’s head, and I really didn’t need to poop. I told Bliss i felt like i needed to go, but I really didn’t’ think I would go because I thought it was the baby. She encouraged me to try If i wanted to, and if I didn’t go, no big deal. Well, I was sitting on the toilet, trying to poop, and all of the sudden I got blazing hot! Up to this point I had been laboring in my sweat pants, a tshirt and socks. Still sitting on the toilet, I ripped of my shirt and pants. I was only wearing my sports bra and my socks. While I was sitting on the toilet, I just knew it was time for the baby to come so I yelled ‘I need someone to check me now!’ Jenee said, OK, but you’re going to need to get off the toilet. My first thought was, oh my gosh, I literally didn’t even think of that! So someone adjusted the bed so that I could sit up on it, and Jon helped me sit. When Jenee checked me she said that she could feel the baby’s head and I was fully dilated and the baby was descended to -2 (if Jon and I remember correctly) . Almost time for Killian’s arrival!



hypnobirthing, childbirth, pregnancy, birth


To Be continued…..

Finally a blog update! (Were you wondering where I went? Jon certainly was)

It has been months since I have updated my blog! Jon told me the other day that he missed my blog posts, and he asked when I would post again. It was so sweet I just had to make time for an update:) I love blogging, but things have been pretty intense around here. Baby Killian is due in a little over a month, believe it or not, and I have been in this intense nesting mode. Thanksgiving through New Years flew by, and that has left me a bit frazzled (how did it pass by so quickly?!). I can’t believe that our¬†baby is due in just over a month! I am very excited about the birth of our baby, but I’m so worried that I won’t have enough time to prepare our home, finish reading all of the pregnancy books that I want to read, that I won’t work out and eat healthy enough, etc. I’m just thankful that I don’t fear birth itself. Thank you hypnobirthing classes.



Some of you may be a little confused as to why my blog is now called Janie loves Jon instead of Oh Sweet Jane. Well, In order to continue using the OhSweetJane web address I was going to have to pay a yearly fee that I just can’t afford right now. While it makes me sad to leave behind my blog title (silly thing to be sad about, I know), I am just happy that I could transfer my posts to this free blog!



I have a few ideas for upcoming blog posts. Leave a comment if you would like to see any of these topics in upcoming posts!


  • DIY Limoncello
  • Best Banana Pudding Recipe
  • DIY Beard Oil¬†(the man in your life will LOVE this!)
  • Sea Salt and Vinegar Sweet Potato Chip Recipe
  • How to throw a Bridal Shower on a very small Budget


Love, Janie

24 Weeks Pregnant

24 Weeks Pregnant


How far along? 24 weeks in the photo, 26 weeks as I write this:)


Total weight gain? Er, I don’t really know. Our scale is crazy unreliable. It basically gives you a 10 pound range that you could be in:) I like to go by my midwife’s scale because it is reliable. At my last prenatal appointment at 22 weeks I had gained about 8 1/2 lbs.


Maternity clothes? Some. I desperately need more because none of my pants or shorts will button or zip.
Symptoms? I have been having occasional leg cramps.


Showing? Yes, for sure!


Stretch marks? Well, when I was younger, I went through a growth spurt and got stretch marks on my hips. These stretch marks have increased. I think I have gotten more of them, but its hard to say because I’m not really used to seeing them being so red.


Miss Anything? All of my fitted pre-pregnancy shirts. When Jon and I were thinking of going to a pumpkin patch last weekend, I went to the closet without thinking and grabbed my orange plaid fall shirt. And of course it won’t button at all due to my baby bump.

Cravings? Izze Sodas and candy! And sushi. I always crave Blue’s Sushi.


Wedding rings on or off? On.


Emotions? Excited! The next few months are going to be crazy and just fly by. I’m so happy to be enjoying this time in my life.


Looking forward to? Meeting my baby! I can’t wait to meet him! He is going to be such a cutie!
Belly Button in or out? Still in. I had to take out my belly button ring this week and the little piercing holes look so funny! Its weird how shallow my belly button has gotten since my belly has been getting bigger.


Movement? He kicks occasionally throughout the day. If I eat shrimp he kicks up a storm! The little guy loves shrimp, just like his momma:)


Best moment this week? I usually try to have Jon put his hand on my belly when little Killian is kicking to see if Jon can feel it. Usually the baby quits moving as soon as Jon touches my belly.. sneaky little guy! But last week Jon had his hand on my belly and he felt the baby kick for the first time! It felt very faint for Jon, but it was still really cool.


Also, this week I went to the store to pick up some more fabric for the baby blanket that I am making for Killian. It is so cute! One of the patterns in the quilt has little baby owls and foxes, its adorable!

See below for some adorable pictures from our 25 week ultrasound:)




Look at that little face! So cute!!

20 Week Ultrasound




Chubby little cheeks!

20 Week Ultrasound




Precious little baby hand!

20 Week Ultrasound




My sweet little baby.

20 Week Ultrasound







24 Weeks Pregnant

Gender Reveal/16 Weeks Pregnant

 16 Weeks Pregnant

Jon and I went to our sonogram Monday, August 25, to find out the gender of Baby Herron. The whole experience wasn’t really what I was expecting. The only experience I have with sonograms is seeing random women on movies get sonograms, and they always view them on these tiny little baby TV’s. The office we went to was quite nice, and we got to watch the sonogram on a big screen TV, which was really cool.


Going into the sonogram, Jon and I both had pretty firm expectations of what gender our child would be, without even realizing how strong those expectations were. For the longest time I had wanted my first child to be a little girl. Her name would be Amelia Jane Herron (Mia for short). Jon has wanted a little girl ever since he saw a particular childhood picture of me. I had chubby cheeks and strawberry blonde ringlets. Jon talked about our little baby being a little mini Janie. Although we both really wanted a girl, we of course said¬†the stereotypical line to ourselves ‘Whether the baby is a boy or a girl, we will be happy. We just want a healthy baby.’ We were praying that God would prepare our hearts for the gender of our baby. We both thought the baby was a girl, so we prayed that If the baby was a boy, we would be equally as excited.



Going into our appointment, I was pretty nervous and a little scared to find out the gender of our baby. When we got arrived, we chatted for a while, with the Woman doing our sonogram. She was very sweet. When she put her little wand on my belly, the image of our wiggling baby came onto the screen! It was so odd to see how much it moved! The baby was wiggling around during the entire sonogram. The sonographer said that she knew immediately the gender of the baby. She asked us in our heart of hearts whether we thought it was a boy or a girl. We said nothing. At this point I was on the brink of tears, because although my head said ‘obviously it will be a girl’, my heart said boy. Then she showed us this……



Gender Reveal Gender Disappointment


Gender Reveal


I was shocked. Jon and I realized at that moment, how convinced we were¬†that it would be a girl. Friends and family had been asking us the whole pregnancy whether we thought it was a boy or a girl and we always said ‘We really think that its a girl but we will be happy either way!’ What we really thought was, ‘Don’t be silly, it’s a girl, what a silly question you ask…’¬†boy were we wrong..


The sonographer kept asking me simple questions about the pregnancy, but my throat was so choked up that I knew I wouldn’t be able to speak without embarrassing myself. I kept poking Jon so that he could answer for me. She must have thought it was weird that I never answered questions for myself, and that my husband just answered everything. I just couldn’t bring myself to speak for fear of crying.



At the sonogram, I wasn’t expecting to cry. But I did. I really thought that if the baby was going to be a boy that my heart would be fully prepared and that I would be thrilled that it was a boy. It really felt surreal. It was just hard to comprehend that our child is a boy. Because we had been praying that God would prepare our hearts, I thought¬†that we would be immediately thrilled with the sonogram results. I didn’t expect an adjustment period.



When we got to our car, I just cried while my amazing husband held me. We both had to adjust to the fact that we were not having a girl. Jon and I already had our minds and hearts set on little dresses, tea parties, cake baking and all things Queen Elsa. I was ashamed of myself for not being immediately happy about having a boy.



Now I know that my husband is not most men. He is the most caring, compassionate, loving, and kind man that I have ever met. I figured that he would be so thrilled to have a boy because many men prefer boys. I told him that it was ok for him to be very excited, while I was sitting there crying and sad. I didn’t realize that he had emotions and expectations to work through too. He told me that he truly thought it was a girl. He hadn’t really even considered the possibility of the baby being a boy. It really was a comfort to my heart to know that my husband had the same feeling to work through as I did.



That night I texted my midwife, Jenee, and she was such a blessing. She told me to give myself time to adjust, the feeling that I had were normal, and that The Lord has a special purpose for giving us a son first. Even though I know that many people have to adjust to the gender of their child, it was such an encouragement to hear it from someone with so much experience.



Fast Forward to today, Jon and I are excited.. REALLY excited! We keep thinking about all of the wonderful things that we will do with our little boy. I will teach our little boy how to cook and make delicious treats. The three of us will snuggle on the couch and watch Frozen together. We will have cider and pigs in a blanket early on Christmas mornings. I will buy Jon and our baby¬†matching bow ties for family pictures. They will wear cute little cardigans together. Our little boy will love owls and kitties (how could he NOT with two parents who adore both of these animals so much?) Jon insists that our child will grow up watching Davy Crockett. I will teach him to play the piano. Jon will teach him Martial Arts and how to shoot. We will go on Family cruises to the Caribbean and long camping trips in the woods. He will be strong and amazing like his father. I can’t wait!



Although It has been an emotional adjustment, but we know that we are truly are blessed by the Lord to be having this sweet baby and we love him dearly. There are so few godly, honorable men out there today. I know that the Lord has commissioned us to raise a godly man. And its exciting. Scary, but exciting! The Lord really has changed our hearts with some time. Now we are just thrilled to be welcoming our baby into the world soon. We are beyond excited to meet him!



So here is the name of our little baby!
Killian Mark Herron
Killian :KIL-ee-an. Killian, as a given name, is an Anglicized version of the Irish name Cillian. Cill meaning “church” and Ian being the Gaelic version of “John”. Also meaning ‘bright-headed’.
Mark:The name Mark is a Biblical baby name. The meaning of the name Mark is: Polite; shining.


Now Check out these pictures of his cute little hands and toes!!


Gender Reveal , Pregnancy


Gender Reveal, Pregnancy


16 Weeks Pregnant

14 Weeks Pregnant

14 Weeks Pregnant Chalkboard Tracker



How far along? 14 weeks at the time of the picture, but as I sit here and type this, I am 15 weeks pregnant. True to my procrastination habit….


Total weight gain? About 2 lbs.


Maternity clothes? Not wearing any yet. But I have gotten a few cute maternity items that I will be wearing soon!
Symptoms? Everyone told me that after the first trimester, there would be this ‘glorious second trimester.’ Well, It isn’t glorious. Don’t get me wrong, it is not bad. I am enjoying being pregnant. I love having a cute little baby bump and preparing for our child. But I was told, that in addition to the morning sickness going away, I would be hit by this three month wave of ENERGY! Where is this energy? Not here, not in me. I could use some energy right about now! Maybe I don’t have this energy because I work full time. Maybe It is because I stand on my feet at work all day. Maybe it is because my diet is only mediocre, at best. Maybe, maybe, maybe. I don’t know. Also, I still feel kind of nauseous every once in a while in the morning. It is nothing like the first trimester, it is just yucky. I hate to mention to anyone though, when I am not feeling the best because I feel guilty. I feel like the symptoms I experience (low energy, mild nausea, achy back) are all just minor annoyances. I am so blessed to have a normal, low risk pregnancy. So many women are vomiting non stop throughout their whole pregnancy. Some women spend much of their pregnant days in the hospital in order to keep the baby healthy. Some women are anemic. Some are bed ridden. I am not any of these. I am a perfectly healthy pregnant woman. So I feel bad sometimes. I feel bad if I say that I don’t feel wonderful all of the time. If I mention some way that I don’t feel great, people feel bad for me. And that makes me feel bad. I feel like my ‘minor annoyances’ are not valid because so many others have had it so much worse than I have. Rant over.


Showing? Yes! My little chub is still growing!


Stretch marks? Not yet.


Cravings? Gummy sweeeet candies!


Wedding rings on or off? On.


Looking forward to? Finding out our sweet baby’s gender:) We get to find out tomorrow. CAN’T WAIT! Jon and I are both so very excited.It still feels so surreal that we are expecting a baby in February. Jon and I are really hoping for a girl. We will love our child whether it is a boy or a girl. But I am so hoping for a girl, that I’m scared about any sort of gender disappointment if it is a boy. My midwife Jenee said something that made me feel so much better about my feelings. She explained that of course I will love it either way, but there are emotions to work through. She said that if our baby is a boy I will love him so deeply because It will look like my beautiful husband. He will have Jon’s sweet smile, and his gorgeous blue eyes. It really melted my heart when she told me that because I DO love Jon, so very much. The idea of having a little mini Jon would be so sweet and precious.

Funny enough, Jon would like a little girl, because he wants a little mini me. He has seen pictures of me as a young child and he wants a little girl that looks like I did. I was a cute little kid with dimples and strawberry blonde ringlets. So cute!


Lots of love, Janie

14 Weeks Pregnant Chalkboard Tracker









11 Weeks Pregnant

Chalkboard Pregnancy Tracker 11 Weeks

Before I get started with my little pregnancy questionnaire, I want to brag on my husband a little bit. I am truly blessed to have such a sweet, caring, and compassionate husband. He loves me and our baby so very deeply and he strives to be the best husband and future father that he can be. (On top of all of his wonderful qualities, he sure does know how to pamper his pregnant wife! )


This weekend, we went to have dinner with Jon’s amazing sister and her amazing husband. When we arrived at their house, this random lady walked up to us. She started by saying ‘I’m sorry, but I need your help for a few minutes. No one else is home now.’ As she was saying this to Jon, I was thinking ‘great, this lady has a sales pitch for us, or something.’ Not at all. She was the lady who lived next door, and she started telling us about how she thought that there was a wasp nest above her front porch so she knocked it down.. Then the poor lady starts crying as she explains that a birds nest fell down with several baby birds in it!

I started getting emotional and I cried a little. I wasn’t sure If i could look at the birds. I blame the pregnancy hormones. My sweet husband walked up to the ladies front porch and looked at the nest. There were three very tiny baby birds, one in the nest, one out of the nest laying on its back trying to move, and one was dead. Jon told the lady that he would handle it, and if she wanted to go inside she could. She couldn’t bring herself to walk up and look at the birds. We just kept telling her that it wasn’t her fault, anyone could have made that mistake, and that the birds were all fine (we didn’t mention the dead one).

She walked around the side of her house to water her bushes while Jon quickly wrapped up the dead bird in paper towels. He moved the other baby bird with paper towels back into it’s nest. Then he moved the nest to some bushes. Jon and his sis later moved the nest to a tree closer to where the nest was found so that the mommy bird could find them. It was such an odd situation, and my husband handled it so well! He was kind and sensitive to the lady (and his crying wife) while he quickly took care of the little birds. I love my husband. I am blessed beyond measure to have a husband who is kind and compassionate to others, while caring for and cherishing me and our baby so deeply.


On an amazingly happy pregnancy note we finally found the PERFECT midwife! She was the third midwife that we interviewed. The moment that she walked in I knew immediately that she was the one for us. Jon and I get along with her so well and we absolutely love her! We can’t wait to get to know her over the course of the pregnancy.

How far along? 11 Weeks (almost 12 because I procrastinated filling out this questionnaire). I can hardly believe that the first trimester of my pregnancy is almost over. On the one hand I keep thinking ‘how in the world am I already 11 weeks pregnant?’ On the other hand, I feel like I have been pregnant forever!

Total weight gain? None yet.

Maternity clothes? Nope, but because of my bloated belly I occasionally unbutton the top button of my shorts:)

Symptoms? I am so TIRED! I am getting a lot of sleep each night, but I am always exhausted. Thankfully, the morning sickness is mostly gone. I still feel nauseous and queasy occasionally, but morning sickness symptoms have become very rare. Thank you Lord!

Showing? YES!! FINALLY!!!! I have a little belly pudge, and it happens to be my sweet little growing baby. I look like I have eaten a very large lunch and I’m kinda chubby in the belly area, but Its so cute! Jon and I can’t stop petting my belly:)

Stretch marks? Nope!

Miss Anything? Fall. Winter. Cold Weather. I know that these are not pregnancy related, but they are what I miss!

Cravings? Well, Tonight I craved a pizza and lots of broccoli… but that’s a pretty normal thing for me.

Wedding rings on or off? On, but my fingers have been swelling a lot off and on lately.

Emotions? Thrilled! On Monday we got to hear the heartbeat of our sweet baby! It was such an amazing moment for Jon and I!

Looking forward to? Finding out the gender!

Here is a close up of my new chalkboard. I was so proud of the wording/fonts on this! It took me forever.


Chalkboard Pregnancy Tracker


8 Weeks Pregnant

Chalkboard Pregnancy Tracker

How far along? 9 Weeks today, YAY!!! ( Although I took these pictures last week, at 8 weeks.)

Total weight gain? None yet.

Maternity clothes? Nope.

Symptoms? Yes! I have to get up one or two times in the middle of the night to go pee. I have morning sickness (aka all day sickness) in random waves throughout the day. I feel nausea quite often.Thankfully these symptoms come (mostly) in the mornings and at night. I have been very blessed as to not feel so crappy when I go to work. Also, I am crazy exhausted and worn out all of the time, no matter how much sleep I get.

Showing? Not really. Just really¬†bloated. But I can’t wait to have a cute little baby bump! I want some belly to show for all of this morning sickness and midnight bathroom trips!

Stretch marks? Nope!

Miss Anything? If I am being honest? Rum. And energy. I miss having energy.

Food cravings? I am not really sure:/ The thing is I have always had crazy strong food cravings. I mean, if I get a food craving in my mind, I won’t rest until I have acquired that food. My cravings feel the same, only now they are validated by my pregnancy, so my sweet husband feels more inclined to go out of his way to get me snow cones, gushers, pretzels, popsicles, or whatever else I want:)

Anything making you queasy or sick? Yes… My prenatals and healthy food! I know that sounds awful, but the idea of spinach, or salad, or an apple makes me gag a little. For now, I eat things like chicken pot pie and fetuccini alfredo. Ironically, these sit just fine with my belly.

Gender? We love our baby, whatever gender it is. But we are REALLY hoping for a girl!

Wedding rings on or off? On

Emotions? Most of the time, Tired. And overall emotional. I watched the trailer of How to Train your Dragon 2 and I couldn’t stop bawling. “JON!!! The dragon is so cute and he looks like a little kitty!!!” “Oh my gosh its Hiccups mom!!! They love each other so much!” *lots of tears and so on*

Looking forward to? Choosing a Midwife and reaching my second trimester. I have been told that the nausea and exhaustion ease up a bit around that time. AND I want my baby belly to start showing.

Lately, I have been waking up about 2-3 hours before I need to be at work. I have to wake up a lot earlier, because I’m really nauseous in the morning and I have to sit upright for a while before I start to feel ok. Well, the other day when I got up I decided to have a small breakfast and take my prenatals. I had a small cup of applesauce, a small container of raisins, and 2 of my prenatals with some water (I was taking an awful prenatal that required me to have 4 pills per day and they made me sick, I have since switched to a 1 per day pill). Well, I started feeling sick after breakfast so I laid down on the couch. While I was laying down, I got the sudden feeling that I was about to vomit so I hurried to the bathroom. Right as I stepped into the bathroom I threw up down my legs and all over the floor. Next thing I knew I was on the floor grabbing the trash can. As I pulled the trash can to myself, I threw up down the side of the trash can. Then I threw up a few more times in the trash can. After that, I had to clean up the the mess while trying not to throw up! AH! Not fun, but it makes a funny story!

Chalkboard Pregnancy Tracker